Monday, March 17, 2008

I have been carrying the same purse since I made it in September. It is a tan tote made from a pattern I tweaked. It was originally a huge tote bag. I shrank it down & made it purse size, & added some great pockets inside, several different sizes, & a few slim ones for pens. I am a huge purse/tote fanatic. So for me to carry the same one this long is unheard of. The problem is that I designed the tan one so well that I can't find one to replace it. I keep looking, but when I look at the inside I can't imagine giving up the little compartments made into mine. So I found some $1/yard material & made myself a new "springtime" purse. It seems a little bright for now, but once summer gets here it will be great. I call it my $4 purse . That includes the outside print & the lining. I already had the pellon at home. It was actually a $3 purse before I bought the wooden button to go on it. And I even have enough of the print material to make my daughter a skort.

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